Why Kanye West invaded Chicago with Russian ATVs


Welcome to 2020, where famous musicians make shoes and deliver them to kids with giant Russian off-road vehicles. Yes, you read all that correctly. As you can see in the photo above, posted to Twitter by Kanye West’s shoe brand’s official account, giant Sherp ATVs painted in matte black are taking to the streets of Chicago to deliver the newest run of shoes to kids as a free giveaway, according to Chicago TV station WGN.


In case you’re not familiar with the Sherp ATV, it’s a vehicle from Russia with enormous off-road capability. That’s thanks to the incredibly short wheelbase, giant tires, and a well-sealed body that allows it to float. It’s also highly maneuverable with its skid-steer turning system. With only about 44 horsepower and a spartan interior, it’s not exactly…

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